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What is Marcy?

Hi, I am Antonia and Marcy is an evolving platform that I have created to explore thoughts about living consciously, empowered, healthy and in alignment with your own authenticity. The idea behind Marcy has evolved from my lifelong passion to dig deeper into the human experience to try to understand how to live life in a way that you are in tune with yourself and the world around you, so that you can feel a sense of fulfilment, clarity and presence. I am by no means at a point where all these areas are easy, which is why I have created a platform to share thoughts, create projects, build a community and to dive deeper into consciousness through topics such as art, self-care, psychology and spirituality. To me, life comes alive when we are able to live in our authenticity — connected to ourselves and expressing all of ourselves without hiding behind roles and masks — so that we can be open and seen for who we are. This kind of honesty is not a thing we fall into; it is something we constantly tune into, create and nourish. I find meaning in lighting people up — empowering people to get to know themselves, be good to themselves and dare to be seen fully — and in voicing thoughts that exists in a space of non-judgement, mindful communication, boldness and vulnerability. Marcy, therefore, is a platform to bring to light themes that I find relevant in my quest to bring more authentic expression, courage, love and consciousness to the everyday. With Marcy, I hope to build a community around empowerment, growth, self-care and art. Please subscribe to the newsletter so that I can keep you posted on what is going on and please send me feedback via the contact page, email or instagram, I would love to hear your thoughts on these subjects.

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