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A Playful Approach

Marcy is about exploring and creating memorable, beautiful, expansive and fun experiences. I love connecting people and art together. I love bringing art in to peoples lives and homes. I love creating encounters between people and art and different people. I deeply believe in the power of art and the power of face-to-face encounters. I believe in the power of beauty and the power of color and handworked forms, material and messages.

My sixth home exhibition is called A playful Approach and it is open from May 19th to June 9th for everyone. The core of my home gallery concept is to bring art by talented creators into an intimate space. I also love spotting up and coming incredibly talented creators and makers and give them a space to show their art, where people can easily purchase pieces as well!

The artists featured:

Petra Aaltola

Linn Byrkjeland

Noora Karila

Leena Keränen

Valtteri Kivelä

Muriel Kuoppala

Eeva Lietonen

Mika Palonen

Link to the exhibition catalogue here

The exhibition will be open for 3 weeks on:

Wednesdays 5-8pm

Sundays 1-5pm

By appointment

Address Lemminkäisenkuja 4 b 27

Buzzer Hamberg downstairs.

Everyone is welcome to come by - warmly welcome!

Email for questions!

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