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Hanna Heino

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

"I love to wander in nature, collect branches, stones and get impressions of purity and calmness. Nature is my biggest inspiration and I am constantly making notes on everything I see."

How would you describe your artistry?

Growing up in the countryside, surrounded by snowy hills and blooming fields, has influenced me in ways which still are deeply present in my work. To discover the finest material combinations, I pursue experiments, which is one of my primary working methods. I believe that using different textures gives me the opportunity to bring subtle variety to my art. If I could describe my creations in one word, that would be delicate.

I believe that the small diversities in tones and forms give vibrancy while leaving room for genuine materials and making it easily approachable.

For me it is very important that I can work with different materials and techniques from sculptures to wall reliefs and paintings. That is the way I can challenge myself and evolve.

What is your creative process like & what kind of materials do you work with?

My working processes are an accumulation of emotions, experiences and pure intuition. Occasionally I sketch. The artworks are growing along the journey into organic forms and lively surfaces. Clay in all of its different forms is my main medium and I combine it with recycled materials, natural pigments and acrylics. For me, it is important to respect the materials and I want to emphasise the beauty of raw clay by keeping it as the core of my work. I find it important to work sustainably, recycle all the excess, minimize water use and to favour local resources and suppliers.

What interests you at the moment?

Large scale sculptures, sustainable working methods, working and living a more nature oriented life andt he possibility to use recycled materials in my works.

What kind of themes do you work with?

The feeling that I can hold on to freedom to create is one of the major values in my life. The creative expression provides me an opportunity to revive the things I can’t find the words for; it is a way to make my inner landscape visible. Constantly growing natural organisms and soft subdued shades are also reflected in my works. I believe that the small diversities in tones and forms give vibrancy, while leaving room for genuine material and making it easily approachable.

Where do you work and what kind of a place is it to you?

Currently I am working in Turku but I am opening a new atelier in early 2022 in Helsinki, Munkkiniemi.

What do you like about the home exhibition concept?

I think the whole concept is so cosy and provides a different kind of aspect to Finnish art scene. For public it is also easy to get to know the works and see the scale in an intimate environment.

What do you dream about?

I am dreaming about having a 100 years-old house with a beautiful bohemian garden in the archipelago. I hope that the place could someday be open for other like-minded people and I could arrange different art workshops there. I would also like to establish an outdoor sculpture park in my garden.

What other projects are you working on?

I am currently working on my solo exhibition 'Florere' which opens on 7.1.2022 in Turku. I also have several international collaborations, which will be revealed next year so there are so many great things happening at the same time.

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