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Henna Nuutinen

How would you describe yourself as a creator?

I have a curious mind and my interests may change seasonally so maybe because of that I need variation to my work to keep interest maintained. So, I try to make time to work with different kinds of media every now and then, although clay has been my main material for the last few years. Clay is also a grateful material for me because the world of ceramics holds endless new ways of making it. I would like to learn to be a little bit more intuitive in processes, sometimes I get stuck in every small detail.

Henna Nuutinen, Big Donut, 2020

I’m a very hands on person and the best way to work is just to start with something, even an idea that is at the very beginning and let the process lead to the final result. While working I use writing to clarify my thoughts. There are always many projects ongoing in my mind at the same time. Some of them need a lot more time to go forward than others, but the ideas are always running in the back of my head.

Where do you get ideas for your work and keep your creative channel open?

No less than from everywhere around me. I think most important is having that certain curiosity, receptive state of mind. Best way to clear my mind or find solutions is going for a walk in the nature, like more or less everyone here in the Nordic countries I guess.

What interests you right now?

Big sculptures, space installations, secrets and myths for example.

Do you have certain people who have influenced you in particular?

My grandmothers.

Are there any people / artists you admire particularly and why?

Few artists that I find topical right now while doing my graduation work are Barbara Hepworth, Valentine Schlegel and Julia Haft-Candell.

What do you like about the home exhibition concept?

I like it a lot! It’s so cozy and nice to see the artwork in a home environment.

What would you do if you wouldn't make art?

I would be a lawyer! Or an actor, or a horse trainer.. Or probably I would have continued my profession as a designer which I haven't yet completely ruled out.

What do you dream about?

A small farm with an atelier, sheep and ponies.

What other projects are you working on?

My graduation work and an exhibition that I have next summer in Galleria Uusi Kipinä in Lahti.

Henna Nuutinen, Camel, 2020

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