Hetki - The First Home Exhibition

Hetki was a group exhibition that I curated in my home in Töölö, Helsinki in May, 2018 (May 16th - June 17, 2018). The exhibition featured three Helsinki-based female contemporary artists, Emma Helle (1979), Eeva Peura (1982) and Fanny Tavastila (1977).

Picture by Jenni Rotonen, Pupulandia.

The idea behind the project was to take a commercial art exhibition out of the gallery and into the personal and warm atmosphere of a home. It was a celebration of collaboration and doing something different. By exploring alternative ways of showcasing art, the exhibition played with notions around art and space, art and people, and how the environment affects our experience and mood.

Seeking to capture those decisive moments when something comes together – ideas, turning points and creation – Hetki is about breaking boundaries and exploring new territory to create space for people to come together and connect with art, themselves and each other in a surprising, yet familiar environment that this unusual exhibition space provided. The three artists are united by an open-minded attitude and intuitive approach to creating. The work is generous and expressive; the joy of creating, and the beauty of the materiality shines through in the work. With Hetki, I wanted to create an immediate and immersive experience. It was about enjoying art as it is – something to appreciate, experience and be filled with. It was also about bringing people together in a warm and humane space filled with works that are in dialogue with each other, and their environment. My aim was to showcase art and life intertwined, and I am happy with the outcome.

Picture by Jenni Rotonen, Pupulandia.

Sculptor Emma Helle’s works mostly in wood and clay to create work that enchants and usually have a bit of humour to them. The sculptures are often dramatic and voluptuous, yet intimate, friendly and aesthetically delightful. Eeva Peura paints mysteries that are cinematic and jarring. Drawing inspiration from stories, nature and her passion for painting, Peura’s work tells stories and capture moments that are both characterised by the everyday as well as by something otherworldly. Fanny Tavastila’s paints from emotion. The artist works intuitively and slowly, creating colourful exploration of that which cannot easily be put into words. The poetic as a kind of ebb and flow between happiness and sorrow, the abstract and the figurative, light and dark but the overrunning feeling is always hope and growth.

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Picture by Jenni Rotonen, Pupulandia.

Picture by Jenni Rotonen, Pupulandia.