Leena Keränen

What has been your path to working with clay?

I have studied art and painting in Art School MAA and ceramics in the University of Art and Design Helsinki. After studying I worked few years with ceramics, but then I stayed at home for my children for many years. When they grew up I started making ceramics again.

How would you describe your work process?

I like the slowness of working with clay. I make ceramic vases by hand building techniques, coiling and pinching. I let my vases grow quite randomly and I often leave the marks left by fingers and tools on the surface.

Leena Keränen, Ocean, 2021

I often work with several vases at the same time. Vases grow like plants, they have their own nature. Some of them take a longer time to finish.

What do you like about the home exhibition concept?

The idea to show people art at your home is interesting and fresh!

What interests you right now? What do you dream about?

At the moment I’m quite exited about wood firing ceramics. I’m dreaming of a wood kiln of my own. I don’t know, if that’s going to happen, but it is fun to dream and plan.

Leena Keränen, Muhkura II, 2020

Leena Keränen, Pullero, 2021