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Linda Roschier

How would you describe yourself as a creator?

It starts to look like that I’m a multi channeled creator. At the momentI work with painting, linen objects, potatoes and words. All of these are linked to each other and form a network of ideas moving from one media to another.

Linda Roschier, Gentle Chatter, Oil on canvas, 2019

I’m curious over many things and I want to allow that to myself. Curiosity drives me to directions I can naturally work with, it is like an instinct. Sometimes things fail, sometimes I make something I didn’t know existed – and that keeps me going.

Where do you get ideas for your work and keep your creative channel open?

I get many ideas in the shower or while dreaming. :)

What interests you right now?

I visited Mark Leckey's exhibition at Tate Britain last year, and it has inspired me since that. Books by Peter Hoeg and Zadie Smith. The Simpsons. My plants. Music in many forms but 90’s rave at the moment. Neuroscience. I think my paintings have also been been influenced by science fiction and esoteric traditions.

What do you like about the home exhibition concept?

I think all kinds of diverse ways of showing art are very welcome to Helsinki and Finland in general. An exhibition is always a chance for change in several ways – to create an exhibition requires all kinds of actions: physical and mental. To share an exhibition is like releasing that energy flowing in to the world. Home is an intimate place and for me the concept of home gallery is sweet and brave.

What do you dream about?

I have lots of dreams about making artworks. Sometimes they’re even really practical – like the dream saying – just do this and this and this like this and then that and there you have an artwork. It’s fascinating and funny at the same time. :)

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