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Marika Maijala

At the moment I find great joy and inspiration in working with other artists, or just interacting with people in general. Maybe that is how the best ideas are born, in a free conversation, that has no aim to get anywhere specific. Playing music, or just messing around with friends is relaxing and hence creative. But in order to work, to create an image, write text, I need long periods of solitude, to find my own way to see the idea, to feel the idea. My boundaries are not very strong, so I am easily stressed in social situations, even if I enjoy them so much."

Marika Maijala, Afrodite, 2020, Aquarelle on paper

How would you describe yourself as a creator?

As a creator, at my best, I can be like a child, playful, bold and omnipotent. Also messy, non-logical, chaotic, easily discouraged. But also persistent.

Where do you work and what kind of a place is it to you?

I have a small studio in Artists’ House on Harakka island. It has been maybe the most influential place in my artistic creation. I love the sea and the island, the short distance between mainland and the island, the crossing you need to do by rowing in order to get there. For the first time I also had a feeling of finding some sort of spiritual “home”, when sharing the space with artists and people, who share a passion for creation, like I do.

What have been important steps and happenings in your life and artistic path so far?

Every once in a while I take a conscious step towards unknown - usually it happens when I feel very safe and secure for example with a technique or life in general. I keep finding myself in situations, where I notice that I have left something familiar behind, but there really is no way getting back to it anymore. One such a step I took as a young illustrator, when I decided to choose the freelancing career instead of a more safer way. Or when I decided to leave the computer aside and start drawing by hand, which was a difficult step to take. Or when I decided to write a book myself, instead of illustrating a story told by another. At the moment I am trying to write, completely without images, and feeling completely lost.

What do you dream about right now?

I dream about bigger canvases and especially the biggest one, the movie screen.

What other projects are you working on right now?

At the moment I am learning to paint, with oil and watercolour, and to play: piano and guitar, and to write - I am in a very early stage with all these and it feels scary, often frustrating, but I know it is taking me somewhere where I would like to be.

Marika Maijala, Nereides, 2020, Aquarelle on paper

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