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Mirza Cizmic

"The way I paint is a way of looking at the world, not through my eyes as a painter, but through my experiences. The language that I use is based on my instincts. Those instincts are divided into two parts. One is objective and formal while the other is subjective which belongs to me as an individual. I would say that for me, painting is similar to life, it is a process that takes me from confusion to understanding."

When and where were you born and where are you currently based?

I was born 1985 in Bosnia and Herzegovina , Banjaluka. Currently I am based in Helsinki.

What kind of materials do you work with and why have you chosen to work with these materials?

Mainly I paint with oil colors on primed paper. Surface of primed paper is very smooth and it gives me more control over my brush strokes.

What kind of themes are you interested in exploring with your art?

As an artist, I must be aware of the illusive borders between art and life, art and society, as well as art and activism. Formalization of my position in contemporary society is connected with constant questioning of myself and my role as an artist. My aim is to break the conventional taboos and depoliticize the situation and bring attention to the humanity of people.

What has influenced your artistry and your journey to be an artist?

My artistic practice is related to my experiences.

Many of the damaging events and interactions that happened to me in the past –mostly from my childhood– are invisible. Yet, I can feel them. They are very subtle. I cannot escape from them. I am constantly fighting with my past; it is an infinite fight with no winners. Maybe that’s why I became an artist. To show my eternal struggle.

What fascinated you right now?

My kids. My two boys.

Are there people or role models who have influenced you in particular as an artist and person?

My mother was and still is my biggest role model. I would like to mention a few artists that I am fascinated with. Noah Davis, Richard Hamilton, Mamma Andersson, Marlene Dumas, Billy Childish Sussane Gotteberg and Petri Hytonen.

What do you like about Finland and Helsinki?

It might sound weird but I have to say I like everything about Finland except one thing.COLD MORNINGS DURING THE WINTER TIMEs.

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