Apr 15, 2019

On growth, first steps and love


don't know about you, but for me Spring, and especially April when the days get a lot longer and the light is brighter, is a time when I like to think about what I want to cultivate more of in my life. I stumbled upon these wise words on Instagram: 

  1. Be passionate about something bigger than yourself. It inspires growth.
  2. Be proactive about your dreams. Stop waiting, get started.
  3. Be patient with people. Give the love you wish to receive.

There is so much wisdom in these short sentences, and it got me thinking about what I could become more passionate about that is greater than myself, what first steps I could take to realize something that I have been dreaming of, and in what way I could love more.

Magnolia tree about to bloom in Gland, Switzerland, April 2019.

To be passionate about something bigger than yourself does not necessarily have to be about charity work or community work, although those are obviously great ways to get engaged, not to mention how enriching it is to interact with people that are outside of your usual circle of people. Having a purpose that is bigger than yourself, can also be about how you interact with people around you: treating everyone equally no matter their status, saying hello to strangers, complementing someone on something you think is nice, showing appreciation for things that make you smile, smiling to a stranger, looking someone in the eyes or starting a conversation with someone you don't know. For me starting this web platform has to do with being part of something bigger than myself; through sharing thoughts about growth, spirituality, beauty and things I find challenging or things that make my heart beat faster, I can cultivate my own awareness, evolve and hopefully spark ideas for someone else.

Creating this website is also a thought that I have had in the back of my mind for a very long time, but I have not had the courage to start because I have been overthinking many things in the lines of: "what is the purpose of the site, who will read it, it is a waste of resources because it does not serve as a way to earn income, are my thoughts interesting enough, what is my complete vision with this idea etc". But if you don't start somewhere, you will certainly not get anywhere either, so instead of waiting for that perfect calling or clear vision, I decided to start here and see where it takes me. What is something you have been thinking of starting but haven't been able to take that first step towards yet. I encourage you to take the leap because whatever comes out of it, the process will expand you in more ways you can know now.

Then we come to patience and love, such big subjects. Patience is the most challenging thing, yet one of the really important lesson to learn in life. Great things take time to build, change takes time, getting to know people and creating trust takes time, and unlearning all the ways we have learned to protect ourself from being hurt takes time. But when you soften your heart, show that you care and invite people to see more of yourself, magic usually follows. I think we live in a world that desperately needs more love, warmth and connection and I hope to be able to bring more of that to the world, be it through small gestures of love or a listening presence when someone needs to be seen.

What do you want to see blooming in your life?