Dec 21, 2020

The Creatrix


he Creatrix is a 8 week long journey starting January 11th into your creative and self-leadership powers!

In this group program, we will go deep into the foundations of the inner work, concepts, context, consciousness and archetypes that will support and empower you in leading yourself to your desires and vision and starting of 2021 strong, inspired and intentional to get things done with a smile. The course is for the woman who wants to be on top of things and getting things done with effortlessness, clarity, a twinkle in her eye, trust and confidence. It is for the woman who wants to enjoy and make 2021 meaningful, memorable and expansive. It is for the woman who wants to be plugged into a container of likeminded, bold and big-hearted women so that you get to start the year inspired, driven, grounded in your vision and values, anchored in your body, intuition and wisdom.

This is a journey into our powerful, intuitive and magnetic INNER REALMS that is our  strong, wise, beautiful bodies and expansive mind. This is a journey into our CREATRIX spirit - that infinite creative power that we have within us to create anything we wish to create. This is a journey into our ALIGNMENT; our truth, sense of trust, excitement, gratitude, love, unique gifts, intentionality, and courage. This is a journey into the fascinating FEMININE and MASCULINE energies that we all have within us. And above all, this is a journey into a beautiful deepening of self-expression, self-love, self-acceptance, self-leadership and self-empowerment, our ILLUMINATION. Because, I believe that the biggest source of strength lies within us and by being connected to our own bodies through our breath, energetic awareness, touch, sound and movement, we can be deeply anchored in our infinite spring of power and wisdom. Inside of you is the answer to everything you need, you just have to take the time to listen.

The course is divided into 4 modules that we explore on a mind and body level two weeks each because I want you to get to be deeply immerse yourself in the vibration, embodiment and mindset of each of these parts that taps you into your Creatrix frequency so that she is very much alive and expressed within you when we finish the course.

The Modules are:

The Foundations - The concepts, the art of creativity and embodiment, a toolbox of practical tools for self-leadership and connecting with your body, mindset and self-leadership hacks. WEEK 1 and 2

The Sacred Feminine - The foundations of the feminine mindset, heart and womb work, embodiment, archetype work, pleasure as a healer, tools for feminine embodiment. The feminine hacks. WEEK 3 and 4

The Grounded Masculine - The foundations of the masculine mindset, embodiment, structure and celebration, archetype work, boundaries as empowerment, tools for masculine embodiment. The masculine hacks. WEEK 5 and 6

The Illumination - The embodiment of flow, alignment, deep mind and body connection, magnetism, clarity, creativity and the intuitive way. Manifestation and Creatrix hacks. WEEK 7 and 8

The course takes place online in a Facebook group and via weekly sessions on Zoom on Tuesdays at 6 pm Helsinki time. The content is made of written material, videos, tools, practises, self-inquiry questions and extra surprises. The material is in English, but I will lead the group sessions and Facebook community in Finnish.

This course is for all you women who want to be more tapped into your creativity, commitment, self-leadership mindset, clarity and excitement so that you can lead and empower yourself with grace and ease and make everything you do more meaningful and fulfilling.

Investment is 222€ email me at for info or pay via mobile pay 0505227785 and you are in! Take the leap, you will not regret it. 💕🏺✨🌱