Aug 14, 2020

Ways to Inner power


have created Ways to Inner Power to empower and support women to step more fully into their power and ground themselves more deeply into their vision, creativity, authenticity and intuition. The course is designed for you who wants to:

  • get more clarity around your vision and goals
  • get more clarity around your purpose
  • be more connected to your creative powers
  • connect more deeply with yourself
  • become a more powerful manifestor
  • be more in tune with your intuition
  • identify limiting beliefs and move through your blocks and fears
  • be more connected to the harmony of the feminine and masculine energies within you
  • learn about emotional intelligence and get tools to process your emotions
  • become more embodied and expressed in your authenticity
  • become more in tune with your sense of pleasure, compassion and receivership
  • have fun while doing it with an amazing group of women

Beginning Monday 31st of August and ending on Sunday 27 September, 2020.

My approach to inner work is holistic and that is why I have divided The Inner Power course into four parts with one week to integrate each part, which makes this a four week long  journey together.

Here is a brief overview of each part: 

Week 1: THE WELCOMING - Introduction to my approach to healing, transformation and inner journeys. Showing up for ourselves and showing up as all of ourselves. Concepts, visioning, commitment, being witnessed, intentions, community.

Week 2: HEART - The feminine and masculine in us as a way to step into our creative flow. Opening up to receivership. Boundaries, vulnerability, connection, pleasure. Manifestation codes.

Week 3: MIND - Beliefs, ego and higher self. Shadow work to help moving through blocks and outdated narratives. Scarcity vs abundance.

Week 4: BODY - Anchoring into our body through embodiment. Emotional intelligence. Emotional release techniques.

The modalities:

  • 50 pages of workbooks with the concepts, tools and insight that have helped me to connect with my inner power
  • journaling prompts
  • 2-3 practices for each module (guided meditations, embodiment practices, manifestation practice, tasks - you do what feel right for you, no pressure in this space. You will get exactly what you need out of this course!!
  • a Facebook group for community and sharing because the power of a group of likeminded, compassionate and wise women coming together in sisterhood support is magical)
  • videos for each module
  • group calls via zoom (will be held on Tuesdays Sept 2nd, Sept 7th, Sept 15, Sept 22st at 6.30 pm EEST) Recording will be available.

The journey starts once you commit to the course. You will get access to The Welcoming Workbook when you have signed up and paid! You will get access to the Facebook Group from Monday 24th of September and we begin officially on Monday August 31st, which is the last day to sign up. The first group call will be on Tuesday September 2nd at 6.30 pm. If it turns out that there would be a better day for the calls for most of the participants, I am open to change the schedule.

I will provide you with tools and structure to get more clear and grounded with your why and your creative powers. I will help you move through blocks in the from of limiting beliefs and fears that might be holding you back. I will get you excited about creating and showing up for yourself and your purpose. I will take you deeper into your mind, body and heart and support you in taking actions steps towards what it is you wish to create more of in your life. The more you share and engage with this journey, the more you will get out of the process. I am here for you, the group will be here for you: please share your thoughts along the journey and ask for insight, guidance and support when you feel called to do so. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to share if it doesn’t feel good to YOU. We all have our own way of processing, being and doing. The fact that you are here and opening yourself up to receive the teachings, “the codes”, that I am transmitting to you, will in themselves activate a lot of new pathways in your intricate inner web that is your beautiful and strong heart, mind, body connection.

Investment: 150€

I am so excited to tap into our inner power and wisdom and transformation together in a fun and inspiring way! It will be amazing, I can feel it already! Don't let fear or resistance hold you back!

Please reach out to me for any questions or if you want to join the women who have already signed up! or via Instagram

Love supporting and growing with you,