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About Marcy 

Marcy was born from an intention to bring art into an intimate space where different art pieces gets to interact with a lived-in environment, the viewer and the art itself

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Creating New Ways of Doing

Marcy's story traces back to the day when I did not get an art related job, which I knew I would have been great at. The position was similar to developing and running an art gallery, which got me thinking: "Why not do my own thing instead". So Marcy was born. 

Art, beauty, connecting with people and creating memorable, heart-opening experiences are some of the things that I derive a lot of fulfilment and meaning from. Thus creating a home gallery concept that works as a platform to curate interesting art, was a natural way to connect all these things and bring art closer to people. 


Art has been a way for me to explore my mind and expand my awareness of the world. Creating experiences and discovering interesting and talented artist is in my blood and therefore it felt very natural to explore showing and selling art to people in a way that is different and intimate. 


Warmly welcome to visit Marcy during one of the exhibitions. 



Founder, Marcy 

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